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Veteran Electrical Power Systems instills our company values into each and every project. Learn more about what makes us a leading Southern California electrical contractor, and what we can do for your upcoming project.

Veteran & Minority Owned Business

At Veteran Electrical Power System (VEPS) we understand the meaning of service — both in our lives and in our work. Led by Sergio Rangel, U.S. Army veteran, we serve our commercial and governmental clients with veteran know-how and quality execution. We always place top priorities on integrity and safety. Integrity is the foundation of our company, and is what keeps our name in good standing across California and beyond.


Full-circle solutions—from concept to completion

When your project is continually passed along to subcontractors, it often leads to delays and unwarranted neglect. At VEPS, we do it all—design, construction, repairs and more. We’ve taken the initiative to understand electrical systems in their entirety, allowing us to take charge through every stage.


Maximized safety & efficiency

Even the most groundbreaking construction projects can be completed with negligence. At VEPS, we always prioritize your building’s safety by employing a full-time Safety Director. We also enjoy one of the lowest EMRs amongst our peers. We know that our work will have a lasting effect on everyone who enters your establishment—which is why we never walk away from a job without ensuring uncompromised security.


Cost-effective, quality workmanship

Budgets often drive project decisions. However, when you have a team of electrical contractors that actually care about costs, you can get the most for your hard-earned money. Veteran Electrical Power System has worked with budgets of every scope imaginable; so, we know how to help clients save in the most effective ways. We never cut corners in our work; instead, we plan and strategize accordingly to help you save both time and money.


Industry innovation

Electrical systems change at the speed of light—what’s effective today can be deemed outdated tomorrow. As you prepare to embark on your project, you need California electrical contractors who are up to speed on best practices. Whether it’s integrating the latest design software or adopting new engineering processes, VEPS is committed to staying ahead of the curve. Your project deserves the very best that our industry can provide—this is exactly what you can expect with each of our electrical services.


Discover the Difference of Veteran Electrical Power System

Choosing an Southern California electrical contractor is a decision that will matter for years to come. When you need a team to care about your success as much as you do, Veteran Electrical Power System is here to exceed your expectations.

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